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Kente Pant Sets: Black Casual and comfortable, this Set Of 5 Assorted Children’s Kente Pant Sets: Black is an expression of African pride. The T-shirts have a crew neck and short sleeves. They are black with an assortment of traditional Kente patterns down half of the front. The pants have elastic at both the waist and the hemlines. They feature an assortment of brightly colored Kente patterns. Comes in a mix of sizes ranging from children's size 8 to size 16. Made in India. C-C041

Children's Kente Pant Sets

  • Size 8: Chest 21", Pants 24" long

    Size 10: Chest 24", Pants 27" long

    Size 12: Chest 26", Pants 29" long

    Size 14: Chest 28", Pants 32" long

    Size 16: Chest 30", Pants 32" long

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